Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye Boston!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
My car is waiting outside my door
It's time for me to tell Boston goodbye.
I'm leaving on a jet plane (aka my Honda),
Don't know when I'll be back again.
Oh how I hate to go!

(These are not the real lyrics for "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by Peter, Paul, and Mary, but my version appropriate for the moment. Kind of weird and nerdy but oh well, that's me)

Why do the lyrics of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" always run through my head when I have to leave a place, especially when I am pretty sure I'll never be back? I can't believe that two months have passed by so quickly. I did have a few final adventures this 4th of July weekend to tell you about.

On the 4th, I went to Old Sturbridge Village and saw how the settlers of Massachusetts lived during the early 1800s. It was very interesting for a history geek like me. Because it was the 4th of July they had some special things going on as well. You could sign the Declaration of Independence and you could listen to it being read on the Common. The whole expeience was very quaint and enjoyable. I recommend a visit there and especially if you have kids. There are a lot of things that are kid oriented. Be sure to have a cookie too. I had the cranberry nut oatmeal cookie and the sugar cookie (without sprinkles) and they were both fabulous!

In the evening I took the T down to the Charles river to watch the Boston Fireworks show accompanied by the Boston Pops and Rascal Flatts. Sarah and I watched from the Cambridge side of the river. We could hear the music but we were not close enough to the speakers for a great listen. The fireworks, however, more than made up for not getting to listen to Rascal Flatts very well or see them in person. It was awesome. I will post my video of the portion of the fireworks that went off during the 1812 overture. (I can't get the website to upload my video, sorry! If you know me personally and want to see it, just send me an email.)

It was a great experience and well worth the bother of trying to get home with a million other people using Boston's public transportation. Where we watched the fireworks from was not very far from the Kendall MIT subway station but the lines to just get inside the station and then on the train were packed. The fireworks ended at 11:00 and I got home at 12:10. I guess really that's not too bad. It could have been much worse.

I am really going to miss city life. I don't think I'll miss the traffic and the crazy roads but I am going to miss all the people watching on the T and while walking down the streets of Boston. I will also miss my morning walks through the Boston Common and the Public Garden. Even the homeless black man who hounded me for a dollar did not deter me from taking that walk every morning.

I am looking forward to getting back to my family and starting a new phase in my life. I plan to make some changes and it could be interesting. I am also very excited to prepare for the arrival of my grandson. I'm not sure I will have another post any time soon. Thanks for sharing the adventures with me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beware of cranky bus drivers!

Today when I got off the train and went to the bus stop it was really crowded. Apparently the bus was running late and so that allowed the number of people waiting to get huge. While people were loading on the bus, it got pretty full. After the bus was so full that the driver didn't think it would hold any more people, she shut the door. Somebody outside complained about being hit by the door but she said she really didn't care. (I know from experience that the bus could have held a few more people. It did the night before.) Because we were so full, she didn't really stop much to pick up other passengers until after some had got off. She also drove like a woman possessed. I had given up my seat to a pregnant woman and I was glad I did for her sake. I really got jostled around standing up. I was very happy when some people got off and I could take a seat.

Tomorrow is the last day of my internship. I am sad. I have had a great time and learned a lot. I feel like I am just getting to know the people there. This afternoon Sarah and I had a lesson in book repair from the book conservator at the NEHGS. It was fascinating. I actually got to do some of the work. The woman who does it was so nice and did an excellent job of explaining every step of the process and about the materials that are used. What a great day!!

PS I found a great mystery that involves family history, slavery, and quilts. What a perfect fit for me? I think I read 60 pages today (in my free time).