Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I originally started this blog to keep family and friends updated on my travels in and around Boston but I've decided that I might try to keep it going. Of course time constraints may leave the entries few and far between. We'll see!

I have already planned my next trip. I will be going to Spain in the spring. I am so excited about it. I've always wanted to go to Spain. I have just started reading James Michener's Iberia. I think it will be fun to read about his travels in Spain. It will give me ideas for things to look for and do.

Today I have been contemplating possible new year's resolutions. So far I know for sure that I need to lose the 6 pounds that I picked up over the holidays. As for the others I think I will just keep them to myself for now. It is important to set goals. I highly recommend it.

I read a very interesting article today that was sent to me. It is very interesting and I highly recommend everyone read it. Here is the link:

Please read his article from Tuesday, December 3o.

I watched CNN today. They said they were going to get to the heart of who began the whole Israeli/Gaza rocket attacks that are going on right now. They talked to a Palestinian in Gaza and an American in Israel but they never really go to the point of who really started it. I think you will find this article very interesting and enlightening. There are always two side to every story but how often do we ever hear both sides? Be informed and start checking into the things that interest you.

Have a great new year!!

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Amy said...

you're back! good thing I stalk you!