Saturday, May 9, 2009

Return to Salamanca

We returned to Salamanca on the 3rd of May to do some more research. We spent 5 hours in the Diocesan archive finding more ancestors for families we were working on. You have to love Catholic parish records because you can advance generations so easily. We had lunch in the cafeteria of the Universidad of Salamanca. It was fun to eat among other students.

After lunch, we hit the road again. We drove to Avila hoping to be able to walk along the top of the city walls. Little did we know that the walls are closed on Mondays. We were disappointed. The walls were so cool. It was like stepping back in time to see this great walled city. We did have fun walking around the city.

One of the yummy things we did was to go into a pasteleria and get some yummy pastries. There were so good. There were some that had light flaky crusts and were filled with fruit.

Following the stop in Avila we drove to Alcala de Henares. Alcala is a suburb of Madrid. We stayed there the night and got up the next morning and went to the Archivo General de la Administracion. It is one of several national archives for Spain. This one deals primarily with government records. The guide gave us a great presentation of what types of documents were available. One of those most interesting ones to me were records of old medicines when they applied to the government to be allowed to be sold. The files included the boxes the medicine was sold in and all about what they were supposed to do. They also have a great collection of old photos.

Funny highlights from the drive was cruising down the highways of Spain listening to the professor singing along to a Neil Diamond CD. 

Here are links to all the pictures I have posted to date.

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